Water softening systems effectively take care of hard water

We have energy-efficient systems for all types of buildings.

Hard water is usually caused by a high concentration of calcium and magnesium and causes a grey-white coating on glass, boilers, in coffee machines, washing machines and dishwashers.

The coating is called bedrock and consists of calcium carbonate. Such deposits can lead to energy loss and damage to electric heating elements.

  • A robust and reliable solution
  • Less consumption of water, salt and electricity
  • Longer lifespan of water heaters/system
  • Limescale-free kitchen installations, such as coffee machines and dishwashers, and so on

In Norway, we have little hard water, but it occurs in some groundwater sources.

A survey with water samples will provide answers to the water’s hardness, iron and manganese content. Together with the building’s water consumption, this forms the basis for our recommendation on softening plant type and size.

After installation, we follow up and deliver the products you need for safe operation of your system, such as salt tablets.