We have UV solutions for all types of buildings

Get a safe and effective water treatment with UV.

When microorganisms are exposed to UV light of a certain wavelength and intensity over time, they will be killed or lose the ability to reproduce.

  • Bacteria-free water
  • A safe solution regardless of construction
  • The water quality you want

We supply UV solutions for all types of buildings, from cottages to larger, complex buildings. The UV solution is tailored according to needs, water quality and the desired result.

In order to be able to recommend the right solution for you, we map the building and take water samples. We have the expertise to find the best solution for your building and your challenges.

You can be sure that the UV treatment is safe. The UV rays are absorbed as the light passes through the water. The amount absorbed is determined by the amount of particles and dissolved organic substances in the water. Remaining UV radiation after the rays have passed a fixed water layer is measured as the water’s UV transmission.