Water samples provide answers to the water quality

Apurgo offers analyzes of Legionella, as well as other microbiological and chemical analyzes of drinking water and liquid samples for closed-loop systems.

In order to detect cases of Legionella in drinking water, it is absolutely necessary to take water samples regularly. The water sample is then analyzed by an accredited analysis center in a microbiological water analysis, which ultimately gives an answer as to whether you have Legionella in the facility. For liquid samples, we reveal the status of your energy system and make recommendations based on the results and condition.

Why take water samples?

  • You will receive an answer to whether there is Legionella in the facility
  • If you take liquid samples, the status of the facility will be revealed
  • You will receive recommendations on measures based on the results of the water/liquid tests

Water samples and water analyzes as a basis

The Norwegian Institute of Public Health recommends that you regularly take water samples that provide answers as to whether you have good enough routines for monitoring Legionella . A separate risk assessment of the building will tell you how often you should take water samples. The actual water analysis of the water sample is carried out by an independent laboratory, and it provides answers to what you need to treat. Afterwards, you must set up a plan for handling deviations, which follows up the water quality in your building with recommended measures.

Water samples of drinking water

Water samples are also important for examining the general level of bacteria (germ count) and other drinking water parameters. Apurgo offers water analysis packages for closed heating and cooling systems and water tests linked to the drinking water regulations. Do you want to check whether your water quality is optimal, or do you have a concrete problem that you want to investigate? Our advisers can assist with the selection of parameters, analyses, reports and find a good solution for you.

Learn how to test water quality yourself

We also offer courses and training in water sampling, but can also assist with it. The water sample itself is sent to the lab and you will receive a report and recommendations for measures from us. We can come and hold a course in your business, but also offer training in water sampling via video.