Safe water treatment is our promise to you

With our systems for water treatment, you get energy-efficient and optimal operation of the water or energy system – with notification if something happens.

Water treatment is processes or actions that change the water’s composition to ensure good water quality after a specific use. The water treatment can involve removing micro-organisms, bacteria, particles and substances that can spread diseases, but also deteriorate the pipe network, which means that you have to increase the energy supply to get the desired effect.

Why use Apurgo for water treatment?

  • Because in energy plants you get full control over pH, circulation and pressure.
  • Because in water systems you kill and prevent Legionella and other bacteria in the entire system.
  • Because you get simpler and safer operation, where you avoid rounds of hot water rinsing and chlorination.
  • Because you are notified from our monitoring if a water leak occurs, or something else that requires action.
  • Because you can save a lot of energy.

Water treatment for heating systems

With Heat&Cool Smart, we ensure that your heating system works as it should. The system continuously measures pH value, circulation and pressure. In the event of low values, Heat&Cool Smart will make corrections, or notify you so that you can quickly take action. You can therefore rest assured that you are always up to date on the status of your energy system. You get full control over the water and liquid treatment and do not have to increase energy use to ensure the correct effect in the system.

Water treatment that provides safe consumption and drinking water

We have several systems for water treatment in water supply networks. Apurgo Clean is our smart dosing system and is used to clean the facility, but also for permanent water treatment. Apurgo M3 is the solution for you who also want to save energy. The system treats all consumption water from the water intake to the tap point. Even in periods of little use or closed buildings, Apurgo M3 will provide a stable and long-lasting effect in the entire system with downstream effect on both the cold and hot water side. You avoid hot water rinses and other traditional treatment methods. Water samples and other deviation management must still be maintained in accordance with the routines for internal control.

Provides safe and clear water

Apurgo’s water treatment can remove brown color from the water and provide safe and clear water. Our method is approved for drinking water treatment by the Norwegian Food Safety Authority and meets the requirements of the Biocide Regulations.