Risk assessment of buildings – your responsibility

It is important to be aware of the following when conducting a risk assessment for the spread of Legionella bacteria in your building.

If you have businesses and properties with facilities that can directly or indirectly spread legionella via aerosol (air contagion) to the surroundings, you are required to carry out a risk assessment. In Norway the requirement is enshrined in the Public Health Act and elaborated in the Regulations on Environmental Health Protection.

What do you get with a risk assessment?

  • Gives you the opportunity to have a more energy-efficient building
  • Gives you the status of bacterial growth and other risks with water treatment in the building
  • Gives you a basis for putting in place good routines and correct handling of deviations
  • Do you give an answer to which system for water treatment you can benefit from
  • interpretation of test answers

Risk assessment of your building

But what does the risk assessment entail? In short, a risk assessment requires that you both survey, evaluate and recommend measures for your building. It must also be planned, built, operated and dismantled so that it provides satisfactory protection against the spread of Legionella.

Our “tools” for risk assessment

Both facilities in the cold and hot water systems, temperatures in boilers, tap points and circulation lines, among other things, must be mapped. But you must also map the probability of bacterial growth and total risk on the building, as well as carry out several other tasks. The Norwegian Institute of Public Health strongly recommends that the risk assessment be carried out by an interdisciplinary team.

Apurgo offers a risk assessment that gives you a good basis for how you follow up and control for Legionella, with suggestions for handling deviations. As an operations manager, you must ensure that your department has documented expertise and a system to follow up risk conditions at the facility. On request, we can hold courses on risk mapping and other topics you would like to be updated on.

Sampling of water

Sampling is central to a risk assessment, as well as when you have to monitor and document that the operation of the facility is optimal. Apurgo can assist in the delivery and follow-up of water samples through a water sample agreement. With us you can get both training and assistance in how to take water samples as well as interpretation of test results