Courses for your company

Learn how you can work with water treatment in a more efficient and sustainable way.

We train companies, advisers and operational departments and create course content that is relevant to you and the tasks you will solve. Whether you want to save energy and time on treatment, ensure water quality or stop Legionella, we can teach you how.

System for deviation management

We adapt the course to what you work with. We can hold courses for managers, operations departments, cleaners, plumbers, property managers and consulting engineers, to name a few. With us, you get a professional and relevant course that responds to and complements the topics you are particularly interested in. Perhaps you need to set up a system for handling deviations? This is just one of many things we can help you with.

Theoretical and practical courses

The topics can vary from theoretical and in-depth courses for planning or designing new buildings, to more practically oriented courses for those of you who operate and maintain a facility. We adapt to your situation, experience and professional knowledge and create the course you want.

Collection of subjects in regions

In addition, in Norway we regularly have professional meetings where our partners can participate as organisers. If you want us to hold a trade meeting in your region, this is also something we can arrange.

Legionella via airborne transmission must be dealt with

By participating in our courses, you will receive a course certificate that meets the Norwegian Institute of Public Health’s advice on documented competence among operators. Our course makes it easier to put in place a system that takes care of risk conditions in your facility and ensures the health of the building and the users of the building.