Water purification that cuts energy consumption and removes bacteria

Water purification with hot water flushing requires high energy consumption and poses a risk both to those doing the work and to the building’s users. We have systems, products and the know-how to clean water more efficiently – and safely.

To get rid of a bacterial bloom in the water supply network, shock heating, chemical cleaning and disinfection are necessary. In most cases, we are talking about resource- and time-consuming work, which also means that the water supply must be shut off for a period, with the consequences this has for your business. But the process of water purification can be straightforward and worry-free. With our system Apurgo M3 you are safe.

When is water purification important?

  • If the building has been out of use for a month
  • If you have been diagnosed with or suspect Legionella
  • If a risk assessment or water analysis shows a bacterial bloom)
  • NB! Regrowth of bacteria occurs easily in areas of the plant that cannot be treated. Therefore, it is also important to remove blind pipes.

Safe and clean water without Legionella

Apurgo M3 treats all water from the water intake onwards, and there is no longer a need for hot water flushing, which also poses a risk to employees and users of the building. Among other things, there have been cases where elderly people in nursing homes have scalded themselves in the hot water. Apurgo M3 removes bacteria and provides safe and clean water throughout the plant, but also great energy efficiency. The system enables you to lower the temperature of the drinking water and save a lot of energy. With 24/7 operational monitoring, you can also be sure that we will notify you if something needs to be followed up.

Get a plan to clean the water

In facilities that are heavily overgrown, we recommend cleaning with Apurgo Clean before installing Apurgo M3 . Apurgo Clean is our smart dosing system that is perfect for purifying water, but this system can also be installed as a permanent water treatment solution. Here you will not have the advantage of lowering the temperature, but you will still have the option of operational monitoring 24/7 . We can find out what the status of your facility is and which system for water purification is recommended by carrying out a risk assessment. We can assist with water analyses , risk assessments and deviation management with proposals for measures.