Save time on water and liquid treatment

Choose a system that provides optimal and safe operation of your water or heating system – and that saves you many operating hours.

In facilities where water flows, both bacterial challenges will arise, but also corrosion, which can weaken the effect in the facility. We have systems and the knowledge that allows you to save time on the operation of your facilities.

Efficient and safe water treatment

With Apurgo M3 we treat the drinking water from the main water intake to the tap point, and further through the entire system. Apurgo M3 kills and prevents Legionella effectively. This means that you avoid time-consuming routines. The treatment takes place continuously and you no longer need to carry out hot water rinses. Our second system for water treatment, Apurgo Clean , is particularly well suited for an effective cleaning, but can also be used for permanent treatment.

Ensures the effect in the heating system

Our new system Heat&Cool Smart does the same for your heating system. The system continuously measures pH value, circulation and pressure. In the event of incorrect values , Heat&Cool Smart will make corrections or notify you so that you can take action quickly. This way you don’t have to spend a lot of time getting the right effect. Heat&Cool Smart gives you a report that describes deviations, causes and recommended measures. When you take care, you also extend the life of the plant.

Course and training

We can assist with courses and training in how you carry out risk assessments, take water samples and handle deviations. Get in touch to get an offer on a plan for your needs.