Save time on water and fluid treatment

Choose solutions that provide optimal and safe operation of your consumption water plants and closed energy systems – and save you many operating hours.

In facilities where water flows, bacterial growth and corrosion are common issues. In the worst case, such problems make drinking water harmful to health, and heating and cooling systems stop working. Without the right knowledge and solutions, these problems are difficult to combat. We have developed systems and experience that allows you to save time on the operation of your facilities.

Efficient and safe water treatment

With Apurgo M3 we treat the drinking water from the main water intake to the tap point, and further through the entire system. Apurgo M3 kills and prevents Legionella effectively. This means that you avoid time-consuming routines. The treatment takes place continuously, so that you don’t need to carry out hot water rinses again. Our second system for consumption water treatment, Apurgo Clean, is particularly suited for an efficient cleaning process, but can also be used for permanent treatment.

Ensures an efficient heating system

Our new system Heat&Cool Smart does a similar job for your closed energy system. It continuously measures the pH value of the fluid, the circulation through the filter, and the system pressure. In the event of incorrect values, Heat&Cool Smart will correct them or notify you, so that you can act quickly. In this way, time consumption on keeping the energy system efficient and always working is reduced to a minimum. In addition, Heat&Cool Smart gives you a report that describes deviations, causes, and recommended measures, while it also logs all measured values in our cloud solution, Apurgo Cloud. Having a precautionary approach, which this system is an example of, also extends the lifespan of the plant.

Courses and training

We offer courses and training in how to carry out risk assessments, take water samples, and handle discovered problems. Get in touch to get a tailor-made plan according to your needs.