When “this is how we’ve always done it”,
is the most expensive choice

Yes, it is possible to get the best of both worlds. Apurgo has systems that take care of bacteria and fouling and at the same time provide great energy savings.

Great energy savings

Apurgo M3 is the system for you who want lasting and effective water treatment that provides great energy efficiency – with safety against Legionella . Apurgo M3 treats the water downstream from the main water intake and prevents and removes Legionella throughout the plant, both on the cold and hot water side.

This allows you to lower the temperature of the drinking water from 70 to 50 degrees, which is energy efficiency in buildings in practice. The system can be adapted to all buildings regardless of water consumption and also removes biofilm. In this way, you also avoid demanding and expensive rounds of hot water flushing to keep the facility bacteria-free and safe, and remove HSE risks with chemical handling and any risk of scalding.

Calculation of energy savings

Heat&Cool Smart is our system to ensure continuous good water quality in your closed energy system, which ensures good energy efficiency. With Heat&Cool Smart, you reduce the need for maintenance and always have control over pH, circulation and pressure.

Through continuous measurements, we quickly see whether measures should be taken to ensure that the plant has the effect it should have. This is prevention that can provide great energy savings, which maintains the quality of your energy system and extends its life.

Operational monitoring 24/7

Both Apurgo M3 , Apurgo Clean and Heat&Cool Smart are connected to our cloud solution which provides operational monitoring 24/7 . This means that we can quickly notify you if there is something that needs immediate attention, such as a water leak, time for a filter change, refilling with chemicals or other things that need to be followed up.