The new Heat&Cool Smart is a Kinder Surprise for your energy system

The new Heat&Cool Smart reduces energy use, cuts operating tasks and provides a longer life for the system – three advantages that provide more efficient operation and better management of closed heating and cooling systems.

In all closed-loop systems can air, corrosion and sedimentation cause problems. The result is poorer efficiency, wear and tear and a shorter lifespan of the system, as well as incorrect water and liquid treatment. With our new product Heat&Cool Smart, you can take full control of the entire facility. You can reset the system to planned function and operation and run environmentally friendly cleaning if you need to.

Heat&Cool Smart gives you:

  • A system that ensures the effect in your energy system.
  • A system that works proactively – it automatically detects low pH, low circulation and low pressure and corrects if necessary.
  • A system that informs you continuously – you receive a report that describes deviations, the cause and recommended measures.
  • Monitoring 24/7 that alerts when urgent measures are needed.

Detects the wrong pH value

Heat&Cool Smart will automatically detect cases of incorrect pH value, low circulation and low pressure. The system continuously analyzes and checks to ensure that the water and liquid treatment is as it should be. It makes corrections if necessary, and will send a report within a short time describing deviations, causes and recommended measures. This means that you can, for example, quickly change the filter and avoid corrosion and fouling. This way you avoid using an unnecessary amount of energy to get the right effect and temperature in the system.

Better management and building health

With our cloud solution Apurgo Cloud, we ensure that you are always up to date on the status of your facility. Our 24/7 Operations Monitoring notifies if there is a need for urgent measures. Overall, Heat&Cool Smart provides more security, better management and a longer life for the system. The result is a good indoor climate with the right temperature, which is good for building health and the building’s users.

It is also possible to get without monitoring 24/7 – you must then choose Heat&Cool Pure.