Saving energy is what the Apurgo M3 is all about

Apurgo M3 removes Legionella and other bacteria so effectively that regardless of building and water consumption, you will save up to 80% energy and water in the water treatment. In addition, you can reduce the number of operating hours and stop dangerous hot water flushing.

In all water systems, biofilm and fouling will occur, enabling bacteria to eat, grow and reproduce in pipes and boilers. If the Legionella bacteria spreads via aerosols (droplet infection), it can make people seriously ill at worst. Infection is often spread in connection with showering, flushing and the like.

Apurgo M3 provides your building

  • Good water quality even when the temperature of the tap water is lowered from 70 to 50 degrees – Legionella and other harmful bacteria that are spread via airborne contamination are effectively taken care of.
  • Great energy savings! Our customers save up to 80 per cent on energy costs for heating domestic water when they can turn down the temperature of the heating system.
  • Greatly reduced operating costs.
  • 24/7 monitoring of your facility, overconsumption of water and detection of water leakage is possible.
  • Apurgo M3 can help your building achieve BREEAM points.

Silver and copper ionization

Apurgo M3 is connected directly to the water intake and from there processes all consumption water in boilers and pipes, both on the cold and hot water side. We use silver and copper ionization to kill Legionella and prevent bacterial blooms. The result is that you can lower the temperature of the drinking water from 70 to 50 degrees and get big energy savings on water treatment.

Can qualify for BREEAM points

With Apurgo M3 , you clean effectively and ensure clean consumption and drinking water, without requiring manual handling. As is well known, hot water flushing and other manual cleaning often lead to wear and tear and a shorter lifespan of the system, as well as high operating costs. Apurgo M3 is designed for SD systems (central operational control) and will give an alarm in the event of a stoppage of operation or the need to top up chemistry. The system can contribute to your building achieving BREEAM points.

Safer operation

Apurgo M3 also puts an end to expensive and demanding rounds of hot water flushing and other maintenance tasks that cause wear and tear and reduced lifespan of the system. These tasks pose a safety risk for employees, but also the building’s users. Apurgo M3 provides a stable and long-lasting effect in the entire pipe network, even in periods of little use or closed buildings, the system will kill and prevent Legionella .

Approved by The Norwegian Food Safety Authority

With the Apurgo Cloud cloud solution, you have operational monitoring 24/7 . If there are signs of a water leak or abnormal water consumption, we will quickly notify you, so that you can take measures. Apurgo M3 is approved for drinking water treatment by Mattilsynet (The Norwegian Food Safety Authority) and meets the requirements of the Biocide Regulations.

Apurgo M3 is a unique and in-house developed technology to treat and prevent bacterial growth and Legionella in consumption and drinking water. The system is modular and can be adapted to water consumption and pipe system.

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