Apurgo Cloud provides security for your facility 24/7

Get notified when something is wrong. Our cloud-based operational monitoring reveals water leaks and things that are wrong with the water treatment or energy system.

Apurgo Cloud is a cloud solution that remotely monitors all our products and can be connected to both Apurgo M3 , Apurgo Clean and Heat&Cool Smart . Apurgo Cloud will constantly check and ensure that your facility works optimally.

Why Apurgo Cloud?

  • You will receive a warning in the event of a water leak or abnormal water consumption – we read the water meter all the time.
  • You will be notified if there is something wrong with the water treatment, so that you can quickly check and take measures.
  • The facilities become energy efficient when we always keep an eye on their water and liquid treatment.

To have monitoring of your Apurgo M3 , you need a separate operation and maintenance agreement. For you with an energy system, you must choose Heat&Cool Smart.

All deviations are notified

Operation monitoring 24/7 is an added security, especially when there is no operation in the building. We notify and follow up every deviation. Adjustments and operational optimization are also carried out from our operations centre. You receive reports that describe deviations, the cause and recommended measures. If you have installed our water meter, we also take a fine reading of the water consumption, and will quickly notify you if there are signs of a leak. This is how you can take measures to ensure that the incident does not become worse than it needs to be. It can save you big costs, a lot of work and damage to the building.

Can save energy and maintenance

According to Statistisk sentralbyrå (Statistics Norway), 30% of our drinking water leaks into the pipes, which costs society several hundred million kroner annually. A running toilet can quickly cost 30 000 NOK a year. If you are unlucky, you may also have an invisible leak from, for example, a cooling machine that goes straight into the drain. This is not easy to detect if you do not have a system for it.

Automation of operational tasks

With Apurgo Cloud’s operation monitoring, you can be sure that we ensure that the facility has good and stable operation on a daily basis, and that you will be notified quickly if something urgent occurs.

Apurgo Cloud also makes it easier to maintain your energy system (closed heating and cooling systems). The system notifies when the filter should be changed, and provides status on pH regulation and circulation. When you quickly follow up on important operational tasks, you ensure that the facility maintains its function and produces the effect it should have.

Secure connection

Connection to Apurgo Cloud takes place without opening ports in the customer’s routers or firewalls. The communication is secured with double encryption.