What do you know about Legionella?

This month we had the honor of visiting Eli & Poppe’s podcast; Just Touch.

In connection with the Covid-19 pandemic, many buildings were left empty and measures had to be taken before reopening. Bare Rør wanted to learn a little more about these issues, so they invited Petter Lieth from Apurgo AS as this week’s guest.

Together with Petter and Are S.Nilsen, who is Head of Sanitation in RørNorge, they talk about Legionella, what it is, what can be done to prevent outbreaks and the plumber’s options in this area. What you MUST do and what you SHOULD do on construction.

Every now and then the “legionella alarm” goes off – because even though legionella is present in many places, there are certain situations in which it becomes life-threatening. Legionella prevention measures for pipe systems in buildings is a task many people need help with – and who better to carry out such work than the plumber?

Photo: Bare Rør

Photo: Bare Rør

Legionella grows in stagnant, temperate water, for example in a shower that has not been used for a long time. The bacteria can be transmitted through very small droplets (aerosols) that form in the shower and are breathed in. When the plumber builds and plans pipe systems, good planning can also be a legionella prevention measure! But then the first order is that you know the problem.

Imagine if everyone who thinks that becoming a plumber is only about screwing pipes had understood all the areas our profession touches!!! – and everything you need to have insight into to do the best possible job! Surely no one was told that legionella bacteria is part of the plumbing curriculum when they were 16?


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