Life is normal at work – meet our new colleague Steinar

We are in pink October where we all have an extra big focus on cancer. Then we think it is extra great to introduce Team Apurgo’s newest “family member” – Steinar Stoen.

Steinar has put behind him a serious course of cancer and has since struggled with fatigue from treatment. That doesn’t mean that Steinar doesn’t have the capacity to work – on the contrary – together we just have to work a little on the “job fitness”. Through collaboration with Fretex , Steinar and our employees, we believe that facilitation, dialogue throughout and mutual clarification of expectations is the way to good health and decent work – for everyone!

Now both Steinar and we are looking forward to him working here with us as a Production employee and strengthening the team. Steinar has previously worked in several food and production companies in the Trondheim region. He is a self-taught CNC operator and also has a certificate as a butcher. With his mechanical background and good technical understanding, he will be a good addition to the team. In addition, he will make a good contribution with his good mood and courage.

The fact that Steinar comes to work training with us and with his story reminds us at Apurgo why we work with water treatment and what it actually means. Apurgo’s mission is; “We ensure people’s health by treating all water in an innovative and sustainable way” . Steinar is one of the many we do this for!

A weakened immune system and an underlying disease are often the reason why people become seriously ill and, in the worst case, die from Legionellosis. This applies to the highest degree to cancer patients, who are in the risk group for becoming ill from the legionella bacteria. That we now have Steinar with us on the team and that he can contribute to our water treatment systems continuing to keep safe , especially those who are users and residents of buildings such as hospitals, nursing homes, care homes etc. – make us extra proud now in October!

For those of you who think that this could be something for your own organisation, we would like to quote Elin Stoermann-Næss, Special Adviser at the Cancer Society;

“Many cancer patients who return to work become very loyal employees – they need to show that they can contribute and do not jump to new jobs so quickly.”

Elin Stoermann-Næss

If you want to read more about why the Norwegian Cancer Society believes that good inclusion is not as difficult as managers think, we recommend that you read the entire article here . Because it’s true what they say – Life is normal at work!

Welcome Steinar for us and have a beautiful October!