With operational monitoring, water leaks can be stopped more quickly

We not only uncover water leaks and overconsumption of water, but also other conditions of importance for your facility. Then you can avoid major energy losses, damage and wear and tear on equipment and demanding extra work.

Operational monitoring is extra security for your facilities and buildings. If you have Apurgo M3 or Heat&Cool Smart or Apurgo Clean, you can make use of our service which provides extra safety and security around the clock, all year round.

A “sensor” for water monitoring

Our operational monitoring is connected to your facility with the cloud solution Apurgo Cloud . For you with the Apurgo M3 , we read the water consumption in detail and notify you if we see that the water consumption is changing. There may be signs of a leak. All deviations and alarms are received by our operations center and we notify you quickly if there is something you need to investigate.

Follows the processes in the energy plant

In energy plants, our operational monitoring can reveal cases of low pH value, low circulation and low pressure. The system corrects if necessary and quickly sends you a report describing the deviation, reasons and recommended measures. This means that you can change the filter more quickly and avoid the system becoming less effective – or having to increase the pressure to achieve correct operation.

Detection of water leakage all year round

Operational monitoring can today be delivered both to Apurgo M3 and Heat&Cool Smart

With our monitoring system, you can be sure that:

  • You have monitoring 365 days a year, around the clock
  • Apurgo’s operations center notifies and follows up on all deviations/alarms.
  • You get leakage monitoring, which reveals abnormal water consumption in the building
  • You have access to historical operating data that is stored and presented easily in the system
  • You have access to the change log/alarm log
  • You who are the plant owner can be given access to log into the system via a standard browser
  • Apurgo’s operations center continuously adjusts and optimizes operations.