The student union in Trondheim

Student housing with control over water treatment

The Student Association in Trondheim avoids many time-consuming operational tasks with Apurgo’s system.

The Student Association in Trondheim chose to use it Apurgo M3 for the new and energy-efficient student housing at Moholt.

Saves at least 150,000 kWh a year

The wooden student housing buildings are heated with geothermal heating, solar cells and heat pumps. Heat is recovered from ventilation air and waste water. The Student Association in Trondheim also chose Apurgo’s system for water purification and legionella control. The temperature of the tap water could thus be lowered from 70 to 50 degrees. Altogether, the five buildings could in this way reduce energy use by 150,000 kWh per year.

– With Apurgo, we can accumulate the hot water at a lower temperature. It provides better operating conditions for the heat pumps and at the same time reduces the heat loss in the network, says Kristoffer Abrahamsen, project manager at AF Energi & Miljøteknikk (which supplied the energy center in the project).

Cheap maintenance and operation

Moholt 50/50 also avoids future operating costs since many traditional legionella tasks are no longer necessary.

– Adopting Apurgo is both an energy-related and an operational measure. We save energy by lowering the temperature of the drinking water, and the solution is easier to operate, says Stian Aga, engineering manager at Veidekke Entreprenør, who was the general contractor for the Moholt 50/50 project.


  • Moholt 50/50 was Europe’s largest solid wood building when it was completed.
  • The project was completed in 2017 and consists of five tower blocks on nine floors.
  • In total, the tower houses contain 632 dormitory units, as well as business premises on the 1st floor. story.
  • Moholt 50/50 also houses a kindergarten with space for 171 children, as well as a district center with a library.
  • All buildings have passive house standards, and are heated with geothermal heating and heat pumps.
  • The heat pumps are exhibited in an energy center located centrally in the square, with glass windows on three sides and a clearly visible screen showing the energy deliveries.

Customer cases

No matter the building, our systems provide you
  • Lower electricity bill
  • Reduce hours of operation and maintenance
  • Immediate notification from our operational monitoring 24/7 if something happens
  • Longer lifetime of equipment and facilities

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