Scandic Bakklandet

The hotel "checked out" large expenses on water treatment

Scandic Bakklandet in Trondheim uses 6,000 kWh less per month and has cut a large number of operating hours with Apurgo’s system.

Scandic Bakklandet installed the Apurgo M3 water treatment system, primarily as effective insurance against Legionella and other unwanted bacteria in the tap water. With the purchase, they got an even more energy-efficient building.

Lowered the temperature

After one year of operation, technical manager Svein Arne Eggen could state that Scandic Bakklandet used 66 percent less energy to heat tap water. In a typical month, they saved 6,000 kWh when they lowered the temperature of the tap water from 70 to 50 degrees.

He also notices that the guests have become more environmentally conscious. Saving energy on water treatment then harmonizes well with the ambition to be a sustainable hotel.

“In a hotel with 400 rooms, we typically spent 150-200 hours a year on manual cleaning of the showers. We could rather spend this working time on other tasks.”

Svein Arne Eggen, technical manager Scandic Bakklandet

Cuts operating hours

The hotel also saves many working hours. Now they don’t have to flush and clean showers four times a year.

– In a hotel with 400 rooms, we typically spent 150-200 hours a year manually cleaning the showers. We can rather spend this working time on other tasks, says Svein Arne Eggen.

Now all Scandic hotels in Trondheim have installed Apurgo’s system for water treatment.


  • Energy consumption drops when using Apurgo, since the water can be heated to a lower temperature before use.
  • Scandic Bakklandet installed the Apurgo M3 system in 2017.
  • The hotel uses the Apurgo M3-25 system.
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  • Longer lifetime of equipment and facilities

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