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Apurgo contributes with smart water treatment in Moss

Previously, Moss municipality spent a lot of time and money on repairs, emergency equipment and extra operating hours to stop Legionella and other bacteria. Now they can save costs and energy with the Apurgo M3 water treatment system – and most importantly; deliver safe water to citizens.

A satisfied group from Moss Kommunale Eiendomsselskap KF in front of the last installation; Apurgo M3 -Mini in Peer Gynts vei 89. From left: Operations operators Kjell Jensen and Petter Hansen, plumbing engineer Pål Gundersen and technical manager Steffen Aanes

– For many years, we have struggled with systems that require a lot of repairs and expensive extra costs, such as emergency ventilation in technical rooms due to chlorine gas. In addition to many operating hours for flushing and chlorination, which is also a significant additional cost for the municipality.

With a new water treatment system in house, the municipality has also gained a new and safer everyday life for the employees.

– Safety and health are top priorities for us. We chose Apurgo M3 because it not only provides safe water by preventing the growth of legionella and other harmful bacteria, but does this in a way that eliminates HSE risks such as chemical handling and the risk of scalding for our employees, says technical manager in Moss municipality, Steffen Aanes .

This provides security for the residents and the municipality. During the summer, we have already installed five such systems. This frees up a lot of time that can be used for other important tasks. The ambition is to install Legionella measures in all relevant buildings in the municipality.

Kjell Jensen in Bolig Operation.

Easy installation and remote monitoring

Apurgo M3 has easy installation and is a closed system consisting of few parts that take up little space.

– We set up the control unit and the process cell on the main water pipe. In addition, we have set up a bypass, so that water supply can be ensured during the annual service on the process cell. The digital control system is monitored by Apurgo’s operations center via a Skype solution, which gives us extra security, says plumbing engineer Pål Gundersen in Moss municipality.

– Apurgo M3 has brought many advantages for Moss municipal Eiendomsselskap. Nevertheless, it is important to point out that no system is completely maintenance-free, and regular service and maintenance are still necessary to ensure that the facility maintains its function, says Pål Gundersen.

With Apurgo’s solution for water treatment, the municipality can take care of the bacteria, and at the same time save energy, fully in line with Moss municipality’s sustainability goals. The temperature of the tap water can be lowered from 70 to 50 degrees.

– We have now installed 12 plants in the municipality since 2020 and are experiencing improved water quality. We can reduce the temperature in our boilers, which leads to significant energy savings, says Gundersen.

Kjell Jensen in Bolig Drift in front of the recently installed Apurgo M3 -Mini

Qualifies for BREEAM-NOR points

By using Apurgo M3 , Moss municipality’s construction projects can qualify for points on the recognized environmental certification BREEAM-NOR. As the owner of healthcare buildings and schools, the municipality must ensure that the water treatment is safe every day throughout the year.

– With this solution, we get a stable and long-lasting effect in the entire pipe network. It is particularly important for us in periods of low water consumption or when buildings are closed, says Gundersen.

Moss municipality has recently adopted a cloud-based property management system (LAFT FDV). They envisage including Apurgo data in this system, including over-consumption alerts, alarm functions and service dates.

– A lot of clean water is wasted, and therefore it is socially important to have control over water consumption. Apurgo reports excess consumption in all our buildings where Apurgo M3 is installed, says operator Petter Hermansen in Bolig Drift.

Mini with a big win

Moss municipality has also been among the very first in the country to install the new Apurgo M3 -Mini for smaller buildings. This means that the municipality can get the same water treatment even in smaller facilities.

– We saw a need for securing our municipal co-located housing. These are typically buildings with 10–20 apartments for residents with special needs. Here, it is often difficult to get in for inspection and service. We also have the risk of scalding and less control over water consumption, says Kjell Jensen in Bolig Drift.

Monitoring is now done automatically. This means that there is no longer any need for flushing. Possible leaks are notified immediately.

– This provides security for the residents and the municipality. During the summer, we have already installed five such systems. This frees up a lot of time that can be used for other important tasks. The ambition is to install Legionella measures in all relevant buildings in the municipality, concludes Steffen Aanes.

Published: VVS Aktuellet_11 Sep 2023

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