We deliver and tailor filter solutions to your needs

Use the right filter solution that provides good quality drinking water.

Water contains particles and fragments which the coarse filter on the main water intake will usually catch. Smaller particles and hummus, on the other hand, can slip through and affect the water quality. We therefore recommend that you also install a fine filter in combination with our products .

  • Good quality of drinking water
  • That smaller particles and hummus are captured
  • Safe water quality regardless of problems with surface water

The type of filter or filter solution you should have depends on the building type, complexity and water quality. We recommend filters on all water intakes and that you take water samples before and after installing filters to map challenges and results.

In Norway, the water quality is mostly good, but surface water as a water source can cause some problems. Especially if there is changing weather with a lot of rainfall, which tends to affect the water quality. In places with old infrastructure and pipe networks, the water can be contaminated by hummus and particles on the way in.

All water that is treated with UV must pass through a fine filter to get optimal treatment.