Apurgo ensures Legionella and bacteria-free consumption water.
Cost-effective and environmentally friendly



Legionella bacteria exist naturally in water – in both natural and man-made water systems. If the bacteria are allowed to grow and multiply, they may contaminate the water and become a health threat. Contaminated aerosols (tiny droplets) from faucets, showers, cooling towers, whirlpools etc. that are inhaled, may cause the Legionnaires’ disease, which is a severe, often lethal, form of pneumonia. A milder form of the disease is Pontiac fever. The medical term for both forms is legionellosis.

Legionnaires’ disease is an important public health issue. In order to prevent disease outbreaks and maintaining water safety the health authorities have produced standards and guidelines that water system owners are  obliged to follow.


Apurgo M3-system is a water treatment system that effectively prevents and combats Legionella and bacterial growth in internal water installations.

By treating the water with microscopic amounts of silver and copper ions, Legionella and other harmful bacteria are inactivated and further bacterial growth stopped and reversed. The technology works well in both cold and hot water. The process is supervised and monitored by Apurgo’s automatic and user-friendly control system.

Apurgo M3-system has a documented systemic and lasting effect, and is a modern, environmental and cost-effective solution that ensures safe and pure water.


Apurgo M3-system is an effective, lasting and systemic solution for combatting Legionella. No other method has the same systemic quality and long term effect. Whereas traditional methods use energy and labour intensive hotwater flushing and chemicals,  Apurgo’s technology is chemical free and works equally well in hot and cold water.

By eliminating the need for hot water and superhot flushings, Apurgo allows for less water consumption and lower water temperatures. In other words, you can save energy and money. Moreover, no harmful chemicals are discharged into nature. Finally, manual supervision and maintenance are greatly simplified because Apurgo’s automated control system continuously monitors and runs the process.


Apurgo provide technology advancement solutions for water disinfection and Legionella control.

In response to a continuous global surge for superior, safer and more environmental friendly water disinfection solutions, Apurgo remain intensely committed in the development of a new generation of ground-breaking technologies that will provide international markets with unique solutions that remain non-existent today.

Water is essential in order to sustain life and maintain good health. In operating environments such as the maritime and offshore industries, access to reliable potable water is critical for safety at sea. Hospitals also depend upon cost effective solutions to prevent Legionella whilst providing cleaner water for patients with reduced immune defenses, and harvest energy savings as an added bonus. The vast, silent majority of us would much prefer to visit swimming pools filled with pure, clean, chlorine-free water. Apurgo’s water disinfection solutions address these needs.

The Apurgo team consist of experienced serial entrepreneurs, university professors and other technology and growth venture professionals.

Our R&D headquarters is strategically located on campus at NTNU, the Norwegian University of Technology and Natural Sciences.