Discolored water

Get rid of the brown water

Is discolored, bad-tasting water coming out of your faucets? Apurgo offers an effective solution for this too – pipe washing with APURGOClean.

Discolored water, what is colloquially referred to as “brown water”, is an irritant and a concern for many building owners. Although the drinking water is bacteriologically safe and meets the requirements of the Drinking Water Regulations , it can still be discolored and have an unwanted aftertaste.

Sometimes it passes

In some cases, the discoloration is due to the municipality flushing through the external water mains. This can cause corrosion and humus to loosen and mix with the water. The solution for building owners is normally to let the water run until clear water comes out of the taps, but for some buildings the discoloration becomes a permanent problem. If this occurs, a flush will not have any particular effect and will result in wasted time and unnecessary water consumption.

Wear and tear on the sanitary equipment

Permanently discolored (brown) water can be an indication of too high a content of iron, humus and the like in the pipes. In addition to negative reactions from users, this results in greater wear and tear on the sanitary equipment and higher maintenance costs.

Gentle and effective

To overcome such a problem, Apurgo first carries out a survey to uncover probable causes. If this mapping indicates it, we carry out a pipe wash of the tap water system with an effective cleaning agent that is gentle on the pipes. The cleaning agent is not harmful to health or the environment, and is very easily biodegradable.

In addition, Apurgo can advise on the installation of filter solutions where there is a need for this.


Apurgo is now launching our newly developed mobile pump solution APURGOClean , which is robust, flexible and can be adapted to different types of buildings. We have both plumbing, biology and chemistry expertise, which ensures that we find the right and most effective method to solve your problem. With clean pipes, you get clear and tasty water again.