Customer survey 2024

We have the most satisfied customers in the market!

Among other things, customers, partners and ambassadors have responded to how satisfied they are with the products and the support they receive. We’re pleased to see that so many people are happy.

Our customer survey was conducted at the end of 2023. A representative sample of customers were interviewed in-depth, and partners/ambassadors also participated.

– The result of the survey, which was conducted by an external company, is very good! Customers are satisfied with the follow-up and service they receive from us. But most importantly, we see that our products provide safer and more energy-efficient water treatment in their buildings,” says Lise Marie Nergaard, General Manager at Apurgo.

Apurgo aims to be a reliable supplier of innovative technology for water and fluid treatment. The feedback is that our systems are easy to install and use.

Customers find that our products deliver what they are supposed to, and many tell us that it feels safe to use ApurgoM3 to deal with Legionella. We also see that many people appreciate the fact that they can save a lot of energy and “kill two birds with one stone”,” says Lise Marie.

She points out that water monitoring from Apurgo’s operations center is also highlighted as important in the choice of water treatment system.

But we can be even better at explaining how our operational monitoring allows you to detect cases of overuse and water leakage more quickly,” says the CEO.

Apurgo currently monitors 2.1 billion liters of water for its customers.

Here you can read about why Moss Kommunale Eiendomsselskap chose to work with us.

At Apurgo, we are passionate about our profession. The customer survey shows that customers value our commitment and expertise.

– We are very happy and proud when we hear in the survey that our employees give good advice and have great professional knowledge, no matter who the customer talks to. As a customer, you should receive answers that show that we understand your situation and be confident that we deliver a solution for your needs,” says Lise Marie Nergaard.

Apurgo also provides water and fluid treatment for closed energy plants, but the survey shows that not all customers are aware that Apurgo has such systems.

Some of our customers have already been introduced to Heat&Cool Smart, but it varies how many we’ve been introduced to. We will work more on this, because it is important for us that our customers know that we are a total supplier of digital solutions for water treatment,” says Lise Marie Nergaard.

The customer survey has also provided input on how Apurgo can become even better. One of the requests is how we can help with more support and documentation.

– We take all feedback very seriously. The input is valuable to us when we make adjustments to ensure that customers get the follow-up and support they need at all stages. I would therefore like to thank everyone who took the time to participate in the customer survey,” concludes Lise Marie.

By constantly developing the product portfolio with the latest in technology and research, we find new solutions that reduce the consumption of both water and energy in water, liquid and energy systems.

We guarantee high quality in everything we produce and do. We have a unique product portfolio, easy installation and 24/7 operational monitoring. A highly qualified service team takes good care of our products and customers – which means that the facilities have a longer lifespan. As a company, with our expertise and focus on innovation, we are well equipped to make the industry and the world more sustainable.

  • You save energy – we have systems that cut energy consumption in water treatment, but also in heating systems – while keeping the system working as it should.
  • You save time – you can cut down on costly operational tasks and our operational monitoring means that you can take measures that are critical to the operation of your facility earlier.
  • You increase safety – for employees and building users. 24/7 monitoring of your facilities and by cutting routines such as hot water flushing and chemical handling, you ensure good HSE for employees. Healthy energy systems ensure a good indoor climate and safe and satisfied building users.