Gain full control of your energy system

From now on it’s easy to stop wasting time, energy, and materials. Our solution for water treatment in closed-loop energy systems provides great energy savings and easier operation of the system.

With increasing electricity and water prices, and generally a greater focus on energy consumption, many businesses and building owners are starting to see the value of securing cost-effective heating and cooling systems. Perhaps you, e.g., as a municipality or a company, have set internal sustainability targets to reduce energy consumption and you strive to achieve these? Or maybe you wish to reduce the number of operating hours spent on demanding maintenance tasks? Then, a system that gives full control over your energy system is the solution for you.

Get a more efficient energy system

With Heat&Cool Smart, you can be sure that the fluid in your heating and cooling systems is treated very efficiently and that you get the right effect – without using more energy than necessary. Making sure that the quality of the fluid in your energy system is optimal, gives the system and all its components a significantly longer lifespan. The result is an energy-efficient indoor climate with high comfort and satisfied users.

Measures pH value and gives operational status

The most classic example of wear and tear in closed-loop energy systems is when parts made of iron come into contact with untreated water and oxygen, leading to corrosion. The result is rust and magnetite particles, which over time leads to sedimentation and coating formation inside the energy system. This can clog components and lower the heat transfer abilities of the system drastically. Consequently, you must use more energy to achieve the desired energy distribution in the system. With Heat&Cool Smart, you get full control over the pH, pressure, temperature, and filter status. The system delivers an auto-generated report and alerts you if something happens. The report describes the deviations and their reasons, in addition to the implemented and recommended measures. This avoids you costly and demanding maintenance tasks, such as troubleshooting and, in the worst case, replacing the entire energy system.

Total control of the heating and cooling system

Heat&Cool Smart will ensure a continuous treatment of the system fluid. It takes care of possible challenges before they even become a problem for you. Overall, it’s about total control of your energy system, which saves you a lot of time and energy.