Chose Apurgo M3 in the housing association

An investment in good health and finances

Bystranda Aveny at Tangen in Kristiansand is the first housing association in Southern Norway to have the Apurgo M3 water treatment system installed.

– Of course we are proud to be early adopters of new technology for the good of our residents, say chairman Joel Pantin and deputy chairman Gunnar Slotta in the housing association team.

They got to know the water treatment system during a seminar in which Flow VVS participated.

– We were informed about what Apurgo M3 is, how it works and quickly found out that this had to be something for our housing association, they say.

– The system consists of a control unit and one or more process cells, which we mount on the main water pipe, say (from left) Svein Roger Samuelsen, Tom Edward and Stian Myrvang Hefner from Flow VVS.
  • Save energy by lowering the temperature of the hot water
  • Remove and prevent Legionella in the facility
  • Reduce the number of operating hours on the water treatment
  • Get a quick notification from operational monitoring 24/7 if something happens

Installing the water treatment system is a profitable investment – and not least a good investment in the residents’ health.

– For us, it is therefore important to be able to guarantee bacteria-free and clean water. The system ensures that Legionella bacteria do not enter the water. In the worst case, people can die from disease caused by Legionella , says Slotta, adding that the building’s water pipes are 15 years old and were ready for upgrading.

The water treatment system is installed in a basement room. Apurgo M3 consists of one or more process cells and a control unit.

– We mount the system on the main water pipe close to the water meter. It’s a simple installation and I expect we’ll be working here for a couple of days. Then the exciting can begin, says Steffen Bomann at Flow VVS Kristiansand.

Chairman Joel Pantin, Steffen Bomann at Flow VVS and deputy chairman Gunnar Slotta are happy that they can now offer residents safe water – and that energy consumption is reduced.

When everything is fully assembled, the digital control system is monitored 24 hours a day by Apurgo’s operations center via a cloud solution.

– We will also be watching closely at the start, says Bomann.

The housing association looks forward to reaping more benefits with safer and more efficient water treatment.

Apurgo M3 is a piece of cake: the water is safe and we save energy, which is good for the economy and the environment. With the new water treatment system in place, we can lower the temperature of the hot water from 70 to 55 degrees, perhaps to 50 degrees, without compromising comfort or water quality. This will give us major energy savings, says Slotta.

There are 150 housing units in Bystranda Aveny. Together, these use 5.2 million liters of hot water annually.

– If we lower the temperature by 15 degrees, calculations show that over the course of a year we save around NOK 300,000 just on heating hot water, say Pantin and Slotta.

The price tag for the new investment is between NOK 300,000–400,000.

– If it goes as we think, it will be paid off in just over a year, smiles Slotta.

Further plans are for a water treatment system to be installed for the district heating.

  • Is based on silver and copper ionization. Dosing of active compounds takes place using electricity (electrolysis), without chemicals.
  • The silver and copper ions in the water clean the pipes of biofilm, kill and prevent the establishment of Legionella and other harmful bacteria.
  • Apurgo’s digital control system continuously monitors the process and doses the ions according to water consumption.
  • The system is easy to maintain and is operated from a central location via a cloud solution. There are 12 such facilities installed in Kristiansand.