Create growth in your company –
become an Apurgo Ambassador

Through our ambassador program, we can help your company grow and increase efficiency in a partnership that benefits everyone.

Our goal is to be the most visible and innovative supplier of energy-efficient solutions for the treatment of all drinking water, as well as the treatment of closed energy systems.

That is why, among other things, we enter into cooperation with plumbers around the regions in what we call the ambassador programme. Through the programme, we ensure that as many people as possible get access to our innovative products and that you, as an ambassador, can grow as a company.

At Apurgo, we firmly believe that we are stronger as a team. Together, we play each other well, gain access to more resources and more expertise.

As our certified ambassador, you will be our preferred representative in your area. As a company, you will be our preferred partner and we will ensure that you get the most assignments and the best possible results from using our products. By collaborating with competent VVS agents in the regions, we contribute to employment throughout the country.

With ambassadors all over the country, we can ensure that our customers get service and installation carried out locally. We can travel less and thus reduce our climate footprint in line with our sustainability goals and our sustainability strategy.

Ambassadors are an important driver of our commitment to innovation. Through feedback from customers and the market, we create better solutions for everyone together. The ambassadors are an important driver for our commitment to innovation. The ambassador program is our way of sharing knowledge and helping you achieve success with us. We will make sure that you stand firmly on:


By keeping up to date with the latest products and services, you can sell innovative products with a high focus on energy-efficient solutions for the buildings of the future.


We work with our ambassadors to strengthen their business – both now and in the future.


Our team is available to our ambassadors for both technical and professional support.

Our value creation

We all contribute to developing our brand and creating a broader and stronger sales and service organisation.
We help our ambassadors to:

Achieve growth

With our products and services.

Achieve efficiency

With Apurgo’s strong team at your back.

Increase profitability

With Apurgo’s brand in your portfolio.