Gain total control over your facilities

Prepare your technical room and building for the future with energy-efficient systems for water and fluid treatment.

Regardless of the building or business type, we have systems that enable you to save energy in both water treatment and closed-loop energy systems. By adopting market-leading and innovative technology, you can reduce energy, water, and time consumption. This results in energy efficiency benefits for both your wallet and the environment, without compromising water treatment or the comfort of building users.

Risk assessments and other tasks

We provide assistance with risk assessments, deviation management, and water testing. Additionally, we regularly organize courses in water and fluid treatment for operational departments, managers, and other employees.

This is how our systems provide you with full control:

Apurgo M3 connects to the water intake and treats the entire system. This allows you to lower the temperature of the potable water and save a lot of energy. The system effectively removes Legionella and bacteria from the water supply network.

Apurgo Clean is our smart dosing system that effectively cleans your facility, but can also be installed as a permanent solution.

Heat&Cool Smart gives you full control of your heating and cooling systems. The system continuously measures the pH value and detects cases of clogged filters and low pressure. We automatically correct as needed and provide you with continuous information about deviations, causes, and recommended actions. The system can also be delivered without operational monitoring in the Heat&Cool Pure model.

Apurgo Cloud is our 24/7 operational monitoring system that constantly monitors your facility, keeps you updated, and notifies you if something happens. This allows you to focus on other important operational tasks.