Water treatment that provides energy efficiency in all buildings

We contribute to solving the world’s climate challenges with a water and liquid treatment that takes better care of our resources.

By constantly developing the product portfolio with the latest in technology and research, we find new solutions that reduce the consumption of both water and energy in water, liquid and energy systems.

Our advantage

We guarantee high quality in everything we produce and do. We have a unique product portfolio, easy installation and 24/7 operational monitoring. A highly qualified service team takes good care of our products and customers – which means that the facilities have a longer lifespan. As a company, with our expertise and our focus on innovation, we are well equipped to make the industry and the world more sustainable.

Our commitment

We think long-term about sustainability. Our strategy is to work to minimize our own environmental footprint, as well as contribute to maximum positive development for customers, in various areas of society, but also for our own employees and us as a company.

We think long-term about sustainability by:

  • Have a long-standing commitment to sustainability, and our vision is to be a leader in sustainable water and liquid solutions.
  • Strive to continue to pioneer sustainable water solutions for all types of buildings where water, fluid and energy facilities are found.
  • Have product and service portfolios that respond to the changes and challenges the industry will face in the coming decades. Our solutions must be suitable for both new construction and, not least, renovation projects.
  • Be transparent. Although we do not fall under the Openness Act, we have chosen to take our social responsibility seriously by surveying how we and our suppliers work with human rights, employment, organization in working life and knowledge sharing with the public by carrying out due diligence assessments.

We follow the UN’s sustainability goals

The UN’s sustainability goals are a moral compass and a driving force for the work we do in Apurgo. We see that the goals affect future markets, and that by working consciously with them, we can develop into an even better company.

We support all 17 goals, but have identified eight goals in particular that our operations contribute to solving. Of these again, we can highlight three important tasks we are working on: improving people’s health, ensuring people have clean water and clean energy.

How does our business contribute to more sustainability?

  • We save energy. With our energy-efficient water treatment, customers can lower the temperature of the drinking water. We have customers who have saved up to 80% of their water treatment energy use by using our system.
  • We extend the life of the plant. With the right water and liquid treatment, we ensure that water and heating systems work optimally and avoid wear and tear on systems and equipment.
  • We save water. In many places in the world, water is in short supply. Our products and systems with operational monitoring 24/7 save society millions of liters of water a year. We monitor 1.1 billion waters for our customers.
  • Our systems ensure people’s health. We remove and prevent Legionella in water systems so that people do not get sick. We also ensure that heating systems operate optimally, which provides a good indoor climate, which is important for preventing asthma, among other things. With proper water and liquid treatment, there is no need for hot water flushing, which can be dangerous both for those doing the work and the building’s users.