We save energy and operating hours for our customers – read what it’s like to have us on the team in water and liquid treatment.

“We have a demanding building mass and buildings that can be closed for long periods with the risk of Legionella flourishing. Apurgo’s water treatment system prevents the growth of Legionella continuously and is a great security for our users and employees. With good service agreements and Apurgo’s high level of expertise, we also free up time for other operational tasks. In addition, it is a big bonus that we can save energy by lowering the temperature of the hot water systems. This supports the municipality’s climate, environment and energy plan.

Thanks to Apurgo, we can face the future with innovative solutions for water treatment.”

Ole Arnold Sørgård,
Head of Property in Ørland Municipality

“We chose Apurgo M3 because it not only provides safe water by preventing the growth of Legionella and other harmful bacteria, but does so in a way that eliminates HSE risks such as chemical handling and scalding hazards for our employees.”

Steffen Aanes, technical manager in Moss municipality

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“Kristiansund municipality has chosen the ApurgoM3 system on several buildings and we have great energy savings. Apurgo continuously monitors all our facilities, so we don’t have to think about legionella prevention measures.”

Lena Iren Bullgård,
energy technician/consultant at Kristiansund property management

“Previously, we used hot water and flushing to prevent Legionella. We had no control over whether the residents actually followed up their cleaning routines inside the apartment and had to take some preventive measures. We chose ApurgoM3, which gives us increased security against Legionella.”

Tom Fossum and Erling Trønsdal,
general manager and technical manager in Kattem Borettslag

“Apurgo M3 is like a Kinder Surprise: the water is safe and we save energy, which is good for the economy and the environment. With the new water treatment system in place, we can lower the temperature of the hot water from 70 to 55 degrees, perhaps to 50 degrees, without compromising comfort or water quality. We can save around 300 000 NOK just on heating hot water.”

Chairman Joel Pantin and deputy chairman Gunnar Slotta in Bystranda Aveny Borettslag

“We use approx. 6000 kWh less a month to heat the tap water after we installed the ApurgoM3 system. In addition, we have cut 150-200 operating hours that we spent on manual cleaning of showers. As a result, we have installed Apurgo’s system in all our hotels in Trondheim.”

Svein Arne Eggen,
technical manager for Scandic Trondheim

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“With Apurgo, we can treat the water at a lower temperature – and lower the temperature of the tap water from 70 to 50 degrees. It provides better operating conditions for the heat pumps and at the same time reduces the heat loss in the network. In five buildings, we were able to reduce energy consumption by 150,000 kWh per year. In addition, the effect of the heat pumps was significantly greater.”

Kristoffer Abrahamsen,
director AF Energi