The world needs energy-efficient solutions

Our skilled teams develop world-leading technology for water treatment. So that a greater number of people can manage buildings in a more sustainable manner.

Since 2009, together with NTNU and SINTEF, we have worked with innovative technology for water and liquid treatment, which also ensures people’s health. The result is efficient systems that save energy, make everyday life safer for the building’s operators and users and extend the life of the facilities. Together, we can talk about solutions that take better care of our resources.

Research and development

We are a company with a strong focus on research and development. Our work is supported by the Research Council of Norway, Regional Research Fund Trøndelag and Innovation Norway. We still have students with us who participate in research projects. Through healthy growth and innovation, Apurgo creates new jobs nationally, regionally and internationally. Since 2019, we have been named a gazelle company several times. Today, 17 employees in Trondheim, Bergen and Tønsberg work with energy-efficient solutions for water and liquid treatment for all types of buildings. An important work that requires many wise minds.

Subject experts in collaboration

We therefore employ experts in various subject areas, including teams with high competence in plumbing, biology, chemistry and materials technology. We put our heads together across disciplines to develop increasingly innovative and energy-efficient systems. With us, everyone has the opportunity to test out their ideas and use a laboratory where there is access to the latest technology and equipment. Solid and committed owners give us the security and the framework we need to be at the forefront of development.

Are you our next employee?

We have many tasks and opportunities and are always open to new employees. You can have an academic or practical background, as long as you are willing to learn and curious, you can find a place on our team. With us, it’s a short journey from idea to decision, and you have the chance to set the course for the company, but also your own development.

Open applications are sent to:

Our values

Robust, proactive and reliable.

These are our core values. This means that you must be confident that we always deliver, that we are always curious about how things can be made better, and that we always take you and public health seriously.

Our mission

We ensure people’s health by treating all water in an innovative and sustainable way.
This means that our systems are total solutions that take good care of buildings, people and resources.

Our customer promise

You save time – you can cut down on costly operational tasks and our operational monitoring means that you can take measures that are critical to the operation of your facility earlier.

You save energy – we have systems to cut energy use in water treatment, but also in heating systems – while the system has the effect it should have.

You increase security – for employees and the building’s users by avoiding dangerous hot water flushing and chemical handling, as well as ensuring the effect of the heating system, which provides an indoor climate good for the user’s health.