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Energy efficiency improvement for all buildings

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Business and office

For commercial and office buildings, we deliver:

A challenge for many commercial and office buildings is maintaining a good enough effect on the energy system. The result is a poorer indoor climate, cold offices and large energy losses in your building. Heat&Cool Smart monitors operations, takes measures and alerts automatically to ensure the effectiveness of your heating and cooling system.

More and more workplaces today have changing rooms and showers, which without proper water treatment will require regular cleaning and disinfection to stop the spread of Legionella. ApurgoM3 provides safe water treatment from the water intake, which means you can also lower the temperature of the drinking water.

Hotel and accommodation

For hotels and accommodation buildings, we deliver:

More and more hotel guests are concerned about the hotel’s climate footprint. With Heat&Cool, we ensure water treatment in the heating system in a way that provides great energy savings and cuts operating hours.

With Apurgo M3 can you also reduce the energy use of the water treatment. It shows that you are taking responsibility, with a lower electricity bill as an additional benefit.

An average hotel spends hundreds of man-hours annually cleaning shower heads in the rooms. The cleaning routines often take a lot of time, and also reduce the lifespan of the shower heads and shower hoses. We also supply UV filters and filter solutions according to your needs.

Housing associations and condominiums

For housing associations and condominiums, we deliver:

We have a system for water treatment in heating and cooling systems that ensures the efficiency of the energy system and extends the life of the system. This way you can make big energy savings and save a lot of time, but also ensure a good indoor climate that is good for people’s health.

Housing associations and condominiums are required by law to ensure that Legionella does not pose a danger to the residents, where people with weakened immune systems and the elderly are particularly vulnerable. This often entails the need for a lot of extra work in the form of flushing with hot water, in addition to residents having to follow cleaning routines in their own homes. It is time and money lost.

Hospital and care

For hospitals and care homes, we deliver:

In buildings with many users and vulnerable people with compromised immune systems, safe water and liquid treatment is necessary to safeguard people’s health. Legionella is often difficult to get rid of once it has established itself in the facility, and outbreaks can happen again and again.

Hospitals often have departments with facilities such as laboratories and dialysis centres, which set other requirements for water quality. Apurgo has the expertise to meet the challenges of water treatment in complex buildings such as hospitals.

Teaching and sports buildings

For teaching and sports buildings, we deliver:

Buildings such as universities, schools, kindergartens and swimming pools are used by people with compromised immune systems, which makes safe water and liquid treatment extra important.

One challenge is that the buildings may be closed for periods or have reduced consumption. This can lead to bacterial growth and dangerous Legionella in the plant. We have a system that removes and prevents bacteria, saves energy and cuts operating tasks.

We also have a system that ensures efficient water treatment in heating and cooling systems. It ensures the indoor climate and is good for people’s health, but can also extend the life of the plant.


Maritime sector

For the maritime sector and boats, we deliver:

Anyone responsible for boats, ships and other sea vessels will notice that water that is stored for a long time is exposed to bacterial growth. The problem can be particularly big for those who sail in warm regions.

Safe bunkering of drinking water is important for the health of the crew on board. With ApurgoM3 all water from the water intake is treated in a way that saves a lot of energy. If the bad luck is with a flourishing of unwanted bacteria and fouling, we also offer cleaning of the boat’s water system with our portable system APURGOClean.

With Heat&Cool, we ensure the water treatment in the heating and cooling system and optimize the effect and operation. It also provides great energy savings. We also supply UV filters and filter solutions according to your needs.

Industrial and process

For industrial and process buildings, we deliver:

Fouling in the pipe network is a typical problem in industrial buildings and buildings that house process plants and production equipment. Clogged pipes can be a problem both in pipe networks where water flows and in heating and cooling systems and can have major consequences for production and operations.

In order for your facilities to be open and have the right function and effect, the right system for water and liquid treatment is necessary. A water sample analysis will provide answers to what needs and challenges you have.

With our systems, you can increase the lifetime of the energy system, reduce the need for maintenance and ensure energy transfer. In this way, you save a lot of energy.

We monitor 1.9 billion liters of water.

In total this year, our customers have saved:


kWh electricity

This corresponds to the electricity consumption of 500 households for one year.



We have customers who have reduced their electricity bill by 80%.

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No matter the building, our systems provide you
  • Lower electricity bill
  • Reduced hours on operation and maintenance
  • Immediate notification from our operational monitoring 24/7 if something happens
  • Longer lifetime of equipment and facilities

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