Apurgo - Legionella prevention and clean water preservation


Apurgo provide technology advancement solutions for water disinfection and Legionella control.


In response to a continuous global surge for superior, safer and more environmental friendly water disinfection solutions, Apurgo remain intensely committed in the development of a new generation of ground-breaking technologies that will provide international markets with unique solutions that remain non-existent today.


Water is essential in order to sustain life and maintain good health. In operating environments such as the maritime and offshore industries, access to reliable potable water is critical for safety at sea. Hospitals also depend upon cost effective solutions to prevent Legionella whilst providing cleaner water for patients with reduced immune defenses, and harvest energy savings as an added bonus. The vast, silent majority of us would much prefer to visit swimming pools filled with pure, clean, chlorine-free water. Apurgo's water disinfection solutions address these needs.


The Apurgo team consist of experienced serial entrepreneurs, university professors and other technology and growth venture professionals.


Our R&D headquarters is strategically located on campus at the Norwegian University of Technology and Natural Sciences.